According to popular music site, there are rumors are swirling that Chris Brown is looking to work with Justin Bieber again.  A reporter from rap-up says the two were seen entering the famous Record Plant Studio in Hollywood on Monday, July 18th.

Bieber himself seemed to hint at the meeting in a recent tweet:

“Studio. #NEWMUSIC,” (Tweeted Tuesday Morning, July 19th)

The two young superstars had worked together recently on Brown’s single “Next 2 You”, from his recent album entitled “F.A.M.E.”.  They also previously did an unexpected re-mix  of Bieber’s song “Up,” together.

Supposedly, Justin Bieber is starting work on a new album, and it’s intended to be a little more edgy than his past work, drawing in an older audience.  He’s working with some differenct faces this time around, including Kevin Cossom and Danja.  Danja recently shared this with Rap-UP:

“What I’m creating for him I think is definitely a more mature sound. That’s where he’s headed…”

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, earlier in the year, had also hinted at new faces and an edgier sound.  He specifically mentioned both Drake and Kanye West.

According to Braun earlier this year:

“Him and Kanye had a call today about a song they’re trying to work on together…Kanye wants to produce a bunch of songs for the new album.”


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