He’s actually really good’ Those are the words from Pro Skate Boarder Rob Dyrdek. He sure looks the part of a skater too. His famous hoodies. Skinny guy jeans in all colors and of course his Van’s.

Justin was actually skateboarding through the airport while in England last March. He was there to perform 2 concerts,of course they were both sold out. But this time instead of his trademark hoodie he was wearing a longer,black jacket. Expensive looking sun glasses and one of his many hats, this one with a skull on it.

Justin has always loved skateboarding and does as much as he can.  In July of last year he was seen doing a complete 180 off a concrete platform while Dyrdek, and two other pro skaters watched.
Justin may be a famous ,musical genius. But he also an ordinary teenager. And what teenager doesn’t want to have fun?Especially if they could get away with skating through an airport hmmm I wonder if he “skated” right through security too.



3 Responses to Justin Skateboards too!

  1. I think he is good at every thing singing,b ball,skateboarding,dancing,looking good definitly i hope he can come to my house som day i really love him and i have never been to a concert so he should come to the palace in lansing mi i love u very much justin.

  2. Biebergirl25 says:

    I already knew he could skateboard if he’ss good at singing he’ss good at skateboarding

  3. kelli says:

    what aare you talking about ?! he AMAAAZIIIING at everythaang.<3 iloveyou(:!

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