Justin and Selena

Justin and Selena

Justin just finished his huge world tour four days ago on Wednesday night but just couldn’t wait to Selena Gomez again. Right after finishing up Tokyo, Japan, Justin was spotted out with girlfriend Selena Gomez on Saturday night as the couple attended a concert in Costa Mesa, CA. They sat next to each other and held hands while watching singer Ernie Halter’s performance at La Cave.

Of course, he couldn’t keep it an entirely quiet night, as he decided to jump on stage with Ernie.  Aside from being a performer, Ernie Halter is a songwriter, writing Justin’s hit  song Come Home To Me Selena sang along with him, but from her seat in the audience. Once he finished up the song, Justin sat back down with Selena at their romantic little booth to finish watching Ernie’s performance.

Justin and Ernie Halter perform together:


Ernie later commented on twitter:

‘@justinbieber great meeting u &@selenagomez tonight. Def a night to remember.’

Thank you for the encouragement & for singing with me.

@selenagomez you and Justin are so sweet. Pleasure meeting you both. I saw you singing along to my songs. Made my night that much better :)’

And, Justin tweeted back:

‘@erniehalter thanks for the night. Glad we could surprise u. U r the real deal. Congrats to u and the wife.’

So girls, if you were hoping that Justin and Selena were running a little cold after the grueling tour, no such luck for you.   This cozy, romantic evening shows that they are still a hot item. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spending a lot of time apart recently, due both the Justin’s world tour, as well as Selena’s busy schedule. Selena has been very busy wrapping up filming of her show Wizards of Waverly Place.

It’s also likely that the pair will attend the Billboard Music Awards today.  Bieber’s been nominated for 11 awards, so he is sure to be there. Selena Gomez hasn’t confirmed if she will attend, but it seems likely she won’t miss another chance to see Justin.




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  1. dilu says:

    justin bieber iknow that you cant be near for fans.but in my dream i came near you……ooooo it was alovely dream.when i get 15 i will come to see you.promisse.if you com to srilanaka i will come to see you …i am still 12 years old gril..LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!.kiss and hugs for you

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