A 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater came forward claiming that her son, born in July 2011, was father by none other than Justin Bieber. The California woman claims Justin fathered the child in a bathroom after one of his concerts in Los Angeles around October of 2010. The woman, who has received an assault charge on a former boyfriend, has previously claimed that man was the father of the same child.


Mariah Yeater and Her Baby

Yeater is now standing by her claims and has filed a paternity suit against Bieber in court for child support. During her first television interview, the woman says a security guard back stage invited her to a VIP area, where Justin approached her and asked if they could go somewhere to “be alone.” She says that Justin next lead her to the bathroom with sweet talk and gentle touches, although his behavior changed dramatically when they arrived at the bathroom. She says at this point Bieber became very aggressive.

Bieber has been steadfast in his claims that he has never met the woman before and her claims are completely untrue. Speaking through his representatives, Bieber has also agreed to take a paternity test to prove these claims are false and will file a lawsuit if necessary. According to the singer’s representatives, the woman is making “malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims.” Still, Bieber is trying to play the whole thing off and remain focused on his life and career.

Amid this controversy are rumors that Justin and Selena Gomez have broken up due to the paternity claims. Justin recently attended the MTV Europe Music Awards with his girlfriend, however, to show the public their relationship is as strong as ever.

The latest news now to come from this issue are claims from Justin’s “second family” in his hometown of Stratford, Canada. The family spoke to The Daily Mail on November 14. Ryan Butler, who has a brotherly relationship with Justin, claims that Justin surely would have mentioned the woman to him and he would never have messed up his life or career by having a random relationship with a woman in a bathroom. Ryan’s parents, Martin and Sharon Butler, often took care of Justin for long periods of time and were like second parents to the young singer. Both adults are originally from England and claim they imparted Bieber with good values. The family claims the behavior is completely unlike Justin. As Martin Butler said, “We all knew that something like this would be coming sooner or later, that some woman would see dollar signs and try to shake them down. We gave Justin the boundaries he might not otherwise have had. We taught him to respect woman and he has been coached by his handlers on the importance of being careful and resolute. There is no way that what this woman claims ever happened.”

Yeater continues to get death threats from fans of Justin Bieber and she has publicly displaying pictures of the 3-month-old boy, Trystan, whom she believes bears a resemblance to the singer. Bieber has agreed to take the paternity test before Thanksgiving to prove once and for all that he is not the father of the woman’s son.


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  1. Emily says:

    justin bieber im a huge fan of you. i have 7 bairbie dolls of you. your concert was AWSOME on sept,20,2010. i got 4th row with my mom and my best friend Holly. i am so happy you had a baby with a girl[even know you were supposed to have one with me]. so what did you name her? i would name her selena if it was a girl and cole if it was a boy. just to lett you know i am 9 years old in grade 4. and know one knows how you sing exepte for me and holly. the song was scream by Zac efron.have you ever learned the attituds you and me are. mine are caring because i LOVE YOU right. yours are all of the attitudes. i know how you fell when people hate you than the others i fell the same way. so thats why im going to sing LOVE ME for the talent show thats all for today justin drew bieber

    bye Emily ps whos your love me or holly bye.

    • Maxibel says:

      Hi my name is Maxibel and I am a really big fan and love you so much! That is why I am leaving you this message. I have some information you might be interested in. You have been dating Selena Gomez. I wanted to let you know about her strategy I have noticed. She likes to date who ever is very famous at the time. One example is Nick Jonas, I didn’t see her hang around too long after he lost his publicity. Although you are very talented and will probably be famous forever. Anyway I tjink she is just using you for publicity while she is off the screen. I hope you takethe time to.read this very important message. Love you!;)

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