Sometimes people forget that all the hollywood stars we see on the big screen, actors and actresses famous for their roles in hit television shows, members of Billboard Top Ten bands, and talented solo music sensations and singers are still just like the rest of us in a million ways.

Justin as a boy, playing hockey

They have their favorite foods and drinks, ways to relax and wind down after a hard day, and hobbies done for fun in spare time, just like us! If your reading this, keeping up with your favorite celebrities is probably a hobby of yours. Which brings up thought, and the question… what does the Canadian Prince of Pop, Justin Bieber do for fun in his (limited) downtime? What, besides the obvious, is Justin good at?

  • Watching TV- (on a huge plasma, of course). His favorite shows to keep up with include Greys Anatomy, American Idol and Smallville…all primetime television hits throughout the country!
  • Go Karts- At age 17, Justin is now old enough to drive, but long before he had a licence to drive on the road, he raced go karts with his friends, and still enjoys it. Driving a Go Kart definitely gets your adrenaline pumping more than sticking to the speed limit on a public road.
  • Skateboarding– Like millions of other 17-year-old boys, Justin loves learning and perfecting new tricks on his skateboard, whether it’s at a skatepark with ramps and poles designed for the hobby, or just improvising with whats around.
  • Basketball- …And he’s pretty darn good at it too, despite being a little more “vertically challenged” than other guys who play basketball on a team, or just for fun. He won an MVP award in a special celebrity game. Get the details on that story by checking out my report of the game,” Justin Bieber voted and named MVP in 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game”
  • Playing with his dog– Justin loves his dog Sam, or “Sammie. They both love playing fetch outside when the weather is right, and inside he plays with Sammie with one of his favorite toys, a simple “figure 8″ shaped rope they wrestle around with. He also takes him for walks when he can. (Don’t you wish you lived in that neighborhood? That’d be a sight to see gazing out your bedroom window.)
  • Golfing- Most people don’t consider golf as one of the most exciting sports out there, but Justin is a pretty well-rounded guy and does enjoy the sense of peace, and relaxation of this sport.
  • Getting involved in charities I’ve found that helping those less fortunate than you, and volunteering your time to benefit and help others that are in need will bring you out of any funk, or bad mood your in. Maybe JB agrees with me, or maybe he helps the public for another reason. He agreed to star in public service announcements (PSAs) in Nassau County for their school district. He also collaborated with nail polish company, Nicole by OPI, to create a line of polish that benefits one of his favorite charities, Pencils of Promise. Check out the details on both the charity, and the nail polish collection in our own article, Bieber’s charity collaboration with a nail polish company.
  • Listening to music- His MP3 player is full of pop, rock and R&B. Some of his favorite bands and singers? 2Pac, Chris Brown, Usher (also a friend, and one of the people who played a role in promoting Justin’s music) Billy Talent, T-bone and Lifehouse.
  • Singing and Song writing: Well, obviously… and we love that he does it! Writing songs is relaxing, and a great way to channel your emotions in a positive way.
  • Hockey– Well he is from Canada isn’t he? I wonder if he’s learned to prefer roller hockey to traditional ice hockey.

How many hobbies do you share with Justin? Most can probably say they share at least 2 or 3, Justin is a pretty well-rounded guy. He loves his sports, but also has hobbies that enrich the soul like lending a helping hand in charities.


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