elevatorHave you ever walked into an elevator and wished you could get out as soon as the door closed? Then you know just how Justin Bieber feels. Justin is afraid of elevators and other small, closed-in spaces. His fear is known as claustrophobia (claw-stro-fob-ee-a), which is a fear of being in small, narrow, enclosed spaces.

Since Justin travels so much, he has to deal with a lot of elevators, narrow hallways and small spaces. These kinds of spaces are all over the place — on airplanes, in hotel buildings, shopping malls — everywhere! So how do you think he does it? How does he face his fears?

People who are afraid of small, narrow spaces, like Justin, usually face the situation slowly. Instead of staying in a small room for the whole day, Justin and anyone else afraid of small spaces could stand there for a few minutes, then leave. Each time they were in a small space, they would stay a little bit longer until they weren’t as afraid anymore.

Justin’s had to do a lot of things that would make most people feel afraid. He taught himself how to play guitar, drums, piano and trumpet even though he probably messed up a lot when he was learning and people could have made fun of him. When he’s touring he has to go out on stage in front of thousands of people — something that many people are afraid to do. He also had to deal with his parents getting a divorce, which can make kids and even adults feel scared.

Most of the things Justin accomplished in his life were started before he became a teen. And that means, if he could face his fears, so can you. Instead of saying you can’t do something, start slowly and remember Justin’s words, “Never say never!”

Claustrophobia can be a scary thing. There’s no way to stay away from small spaces unless you stay at home all the time. Since Justin travels so much and is barely at home, staying at home isn’t a good choice for him. Or his fans! Even though he’s afraid of elevators and other small spaces, Justin shows that he’s really brave by facing his fears and using them anyway. And who knows? The more he uses elevators, the more he might get used to them and not be so afraid anymore.

The next time you walk into an elevator and feel butterflies in your stomach, remember to be like Justin and face your fears. Keep trying and pretty soon it will get easier. Because in the words of Justin Bieber, “My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.”


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