Check out this video of Justin Bieber walking into a door! It happened outside of the Radisson Hotel, it is a really funny Justin Bieber Video!  Note that he’s not hurt or anything, just a little hit to his pride while trying to navigate his way through a revolving door.

You can see that some of the bystanders are a little amused as well.  Perhaps it’s nice to see that celebrities are just as human as the rest of us?


38 Responses to Justin Bieber Walking into a Door!

  1. Marley says:

    Justin I’m so sorry that u hit ur head, I feel really bad for u and people were laughing so I had to like give them a big lecture (I don’t give lectures unless someone is being mean). After the lecture everyone regereted that they ever laughed and they were trying to say sorry to the t.v.. It’s fun to adults what to do if their doing something wrong. haha

  2. jennifer says:

    quando eu vi esse video eu achei engraçado mais al mesmmmo tenpo triste porque deve ter ficado um galo xau beijos te amo

  3. Gabrielli says:

    Justin I wanted to tell you one thing and that was the only way I thought, I love you you’re wonderful if I could run would give you a hug or even a … good forgets just want you to know that I love, love, love you much and wanted at least one day meet you, and know it will be because impusivel first thing I live in Brazil, second thing I do not know speak English all I’m writing I went from Portuguese into English I a site that does not matter, and third thing ever but you never even look at me because you only have eleven.
    Well that’s all.

  4. Skye says:

    that was halarious!!!!!!

  5. Lauren says:

    i love you Justin so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xXx

  6. Breanna JDreww Loftus-Bieber says:

    Justin no affence but it was kinda funny wen u ran in to the dorr babezzz
    kizzkizzkizz <3 bree-bree
    it ur head okkaii babezz

  7. Ally says:


    I’m your #1 Fan!!! I wish I could go to a concert. I hope someday I get to see you!!! I LOVE YOUR SONGS!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! My favorite songs are One Time, Love Me, Baby, Somebody to Love!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  8. thais calistro says:

    eu gosto do justin bieber mas o que eu qurro mesmo é ser uma cantora tam bem meu nome é thaiscalistro de solza elias
    e tam bem querro ser uma cantora
    do pop

  9. thais calistro says:

    eu gosto do justin bieber mas o que eu quero mesmo é ser uma cantora do pop meu nome é thais calistro de solza elias eu quero ser cantora

  10. isabella says:

    justin bieber e tudo para mim ele foi amor a primeira vista quando eu ouvi a musica baby baby eu se apaixonei por ele se ele morrer eu me mato eu praticamente faço tudo o que ele me mandar o meu sonho e o sonho das maiorias das meninas do brasil queriam tanto te conhecer pelo menos passar um dia com vc seria a melhor coisa que vc possa fazer pela gente.
    justin bieber eu te amo

  11. shakira says:

    justin my name is shakira like the singer i live in pa and im spanish but english is my first language. um… i like your music. great beat good lyrics. not that you need my oppinion.i play some instruments flute, clarinet but i got into some new things im trying to learn the piano and guitar. i actually have them in my house. i’m learning french. j’taime!!!just kidding i dont even know you. but i do love your work. so keep doing what you do. i know though that it is pointless to right on this website because you will never see this. bye. chow. adios. salut.

  12. mariah says:

    hi justin im so so so so sorry i hite my hade got a nail in my nee and tripedthis week lol bad luck i hope you fell better soon love mariah your biggest fan

  13. sthefani says:

    justin i love you……

  14. Super Gran says:

    Hi justin,
    my granddaughter who is 7 thinks you and your music are great.Any chance you could send me some signed photo’s and i could suprise her with them for her birthday on september 7th.
    Thanks a lot from a gratefull grandmother
    Diane (super gran) (you will want my address but i do not want to put it on line so could you contact me by email)

  15. Chalise says:

    Justin, I was so upset when you hit your head! I hope your okay now. Well I just wanted to give you a shout-out. I am really happy that your not the type of person that dosent care about their art, because you do. Take little Cody for example, you went to visit her and they went to disney world!
    You’ve got a kind heart Justin and that the thing I love most about you. When your onstage you give it your all. Just remember that we love you and don’t wanna see you loose sight of whats important.I really hope that the future brings you the best.
    Love You,
    Chal5ise The 5 is silent!!

  16. cooll video says:

    Hey this is a great video! :) Justin is awesome

  17. Grace says:

    Heyy Justin, I don’t know if you read these but if you do… I just wanna say I’m not want of those freaky psycho fans, I just really love that your true to your heart and won’t let anybody bring you down! I love hockey to, but I have to say I’m a Flyers fan!! please send a response back if you read this!!

  18. lad jane says:

    加油(come on)justin

  19. Bya Allicya says:

    Primero aprende a cantar!

  20. Bya Allicya says:

    I Love Justin Bieber. s2 s2

  21. Bya Allicya says:

    Justin nem mil palavras podem dizer o que sinto por voce! Te Amo muito s2

  22. Bya Allicya says:

    Justin thousand words can not say what I feel for you! Te Amo very s2

  23. SemraBieber says:

    I am realy sory you hit your head i wish i could be there and take care for you cuz i love you with are my heart XxXxXxX.

    I hope i will see you one dayy…

    Love youuuuuuu……………

  24. julius says:

    wat’s up hay wat’s your e mail address and pass word let me know from destiny and julius we are your fans

  25. Me says:

    I would of laughed, when I was on the set of Seeker, alexander Ludwig ran into a pole, I laughed, sorry you just can’t help it

  26. maddengrl96 says:

    omg! i’m sooooooooooooo…. sorry that you hit your head, but at least you’re not the first to do it, i did it ince in the middle of the mall, and well, lets just say, i didnt come around ’till like, 20 minutes later…

  27. JustinBooberIsGay says:

    Justin your lame dude.
    JustinFiber = Hollywood corp. needing money so they pick the lucky kid who has no real exp. anyways he’ll fall off in a few years.
    Your still human. :)

  28. crystal (aka)mrs.bieber says:

    i luv u jb hahahah u ran into a door so funny hope ur ok luv u tho

  29. cierra says:

    are u ok that would hurt did u have a headache?????

  30. cierra b. mckinney says:

    hey justin 2000 words could not say how much i love and feel about u…..LOVE YOU

  31. katgirl98bla says:

    Not to be mean or anything, but were you blind?! hahahahahahahaha

  32. bryana says:

    :)i love u justin ur the best singer eva

  33. bryana says:

    is ur head ok

  34. bryana says:

    im sorry u hit ur head but it was funny

  35. bryana says:

    my grandma laughed :)

  36. jade says:

    hey i did this once but it was a door leading into my room if it makes u fill any better i fell after that my friends say im a funny clutz

  37. hannah says:

    omg ur not the only one lets just say that

  38. rolanne mae says:

    .its so funny
    .i love justin bieber

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