In Febuary 2011, Justin participated in the sold out 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game held in Los Angeles, CA. He was a team player, and brought a lot to his team’s game, contributing in total 8 points,2 rebounds and 4 assists.

Justin kissing his MVP trophy

NPR reported the “vertically challenged” Prince of Pop “bouncing with every step” as he “scampered” to the unmistakeable sound of his fanbase made of mostly screaming teenage girls, or “belibers”.

Who else was on Justin’s team, dubbed the “Western Conference” team that night? ‘Chuck’ star Zach Levi, Rob Kardashian, Former Lakers member Rick Fox (who apparently loved Justin’s “soft hair”) Romeo Miller, and Trey Songz, with Magic Johnson coaching them and offical assistance from Late-night TV star Jimmy Kimmel and ‘Modern Family’ star Ty Burrell. Could you believe that depsite the bonafide NBA talent on this teams side, they actually lost the game 54-49.
to the competing  Eastern Conference team.

So, how did Bieber come out MVP although he was on the losing team? Easy, support. He had informed his fans via Twitter and other outlets previous to the game, and we all know how loyal the Belibers are to their Canandian pop prince.

In mid- April, Bieber took a break from the stress and drama of his touring duties to play a casual game of basketball with some of the local teens in Isreal. Bystanders reported that Justin “played a good game”. He just can’t get enough of the game!, and with news like this, he is proving his many talents, and that the MVP title wasn’t just a fluke.


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