Justin Bieber Pictures

Here’s our hand-picked pictures of Justin Beiber. While we don’t claim to have the most Justin Bieber pictures, we do claim to have the most unique collection, with pictures ranging from Justin skateboarding, to Justin with his shirt off, and just about everything in-between.

Aside from the pictures below, just about every post we make has a new picture, and you can also check out our great collection of Justin Bieber Wallpaper. The pictures on that page are ready to download and use as a background on your computer. You can do that with the pictures on this page as well…just right-click on any pictures and select “download”. Once you download it, you can use the picture as a PC background, though you’ll probably need to “tile” it to cover the entire screen.

If you have any other cool photos of Justin Bieber you can e-mail them to us at [email protected]

Justin Bieber large photo

Justin Chillin'

Justin Bieber new photo

Totally LOVE this California Backdrop Photo

Justin Bieber

Peace Out

Justin Bieber Pic by fence

Oooohhh...the hoodie

Justin Bieber Pic on white

Say Cheese!

Justin Bieber

Aww...that's just too cute

Justin Bieber

Serious Justin

Justin Bieber

Too Cool Biebster :)

Justin Bieber

Looks like he's lost in thought...

Justin Bieber Pic with a bike

What is he not good at?

Justin Bieber Pic with a skateboard

Don't let the sun go down on me

Justin Bieber Pic - Skateboard Trick



61 Responses to Justin Bieber Pictures

  1. Justin Bieber Pictures says:

    Totally love these pictures. My favorite of all the Justin Bieber photos is the one of him and the dog, with the sun shining in from the back.

  2. lucinda says:

    why are all justin bieber songs are love songs.

    • nicole says:

      they just make him even sweeter. thats the one thing girls like more than chocolate….. JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • emily says:

      omg all of those photos are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot luv justin i am his biggest fan in the whole world and that is the truth i luv him more than anyone does in the wholr world even more then selena gomez ya way more then her he should be my boyfriend not hers he would be better with me than her i luv him more he is mine not hers im hotter than her to so im better for him im the one that will end up going out with him everybody will see hes MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kaylee(l)justinbieber says:


  4. rahil says:

    hi justin i think i look like u and guys call me justin i fell good what u say…..

  5. Julessa says:

    Justin bieber is so awesome!!!i wish he was my best best best best best best best friend!!!i wish i got 2 meet him that would be a dream come true than we get 2 hang out together!!!i want him 2 be my best friend!!!!i would luv that!!!

  6. Julessa says:


  7. Julessa says:


  8. Julessa says:

    and also justin im a great dancer just go on youtube and see me go on cassieandlyssa im lyssa!!!and also go in just dance 2 julessa jammin u will see me jammin!!and if u do go leave a comment please!!!!

  9. trinity says:


  10. Taylor says:

    I love you soooooo much I am a huge fan I am your #1 fan. I love youu

  11. miral says:

    I am a number 1 fan and you are sooooooooooo cut and my friends laugh at me when I say that I love you but because I like you reel I ignore them

  12. ina says:

    i love u brother and i love u song

  13. alexis says:

    well in my class.
    whens your next councert.

  14. madioooooj says:

    he is so hot

  15. amber says:

    i thinck jb is cute and can sing some pretty hard songs this is amber fisher your #1 fan you and selena are a realy good couple

  16. ingrid says:

    lindo lindo muinto lindo love love love

  17. miss.BIEBER says:

    sorry girl but im the real miss.Bieber u can ask my husband

  18. miss.BIEBER says:

    hi if justin bieber do u have a fantage accout b cuz ppl say there realy justin bieber and if so wats ur name srry todissturb if not


  19. cassini tan says:

    hi justin! i really really love your hair,.what kind of stuff did you put on it? huh?..can you give me some?..haha.. 😛

  20. Lissah says:

    yo soo cute…and i would like to meet u..and i might die.coz yo so cute

  21. regina says:

    i love you justin bieber

  22. Twinity says:


  23. Myah says:

    Do u like Supernatural?cause if u do then just email me it is sooo awesome..a little scary but cool!

  24. richard roben consultado says:

    ur nice nd cute..im ur big fan hir in d philippines..hope somday we mit in person…God bless nd mor power..

  25. melissa says:

    when you tell me love me

  26. hannah says:

    I love you your hot those are hot,cute,sexy pic

  27. Monica says:

    eu adoro as tuas fotos sao lindas e tu tambem

  28. haylee says:

    ur my hero!

  29. destiny says:

    in all your songs u talk about girls but why arent me

  30. parwarsha farooq says:

    i luv u jb tooooooo much more than anyone in world….

  31. how can i get scooter braun 2 listen 2 1 of my songs?? can he see them on youtube right away?? need 2know?? wanting 2 be heard and go 2 the Gardens?? thats my dream any one else agree with me?? :)

  32. how do i get my songs to scooter braun i would like him to listen to one i made up myself i would like him to here it as soon as possible if anyone knows please let me know my wish is to go the Gardens<3 anyone here agree?? :)

  33. when i get on here next time my name will be Katlyn Bieber. Dont worry ill invite u ppls to my wedding!! :)

  34. Anna Drago says:

    I love ALL ur songs and think they r GREAT!!!!!
    I am ur number 1 fan
    I Love u!!!

  35. A.C. says:

    justin, eu sou Carol aqui do Brasil queria dizer que te amo!
    I am Carol,I am brazilian,I love you!!

  36. josie bieber says:

    omg these pics rock and i cant beleve tht he is tis pretty

  37. Jamie says:

    I Love All the pictures but the one that really caught my eye was the second last one cause the kid in the background is pickin his nose!! LOL =D I love the hoodie pic as well! <3 The guys in my class are so jelous its funny, and the girls, well, we no every song <3 JB 4ever

  38. jessica says:

    i love all ur songs ur so GREAT!!!
    i wish i could see u in personal
    im ur number ! fans
    thank u cause ur being my enspiration
    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Chelsie Ranta says:

    Oh Em Gee. You(Justin) are just.. Ahh-mayy-zingg. Your sooo talented, Your the cuuutest boyyy, Your so close to perfect! Perfect face, clothes, *laugh*, smile, and VOICE. Imma huuuge fan. Some people(mostly boys) talk crap about you. Maybe because their jealous? But when i watched your movie, it made me like you even more! It was so real and i could just feel the love that your family and fans have for you! Its crazyyy. So just know, that even though you have a few haters. You have SOOOOO many Lovers Justin! Including me. Dont let em’ get you down, cause thats what they want. They dont know how hard it must be for you? You’re just a normal boy that went after his dreams. Some people are just blind to that i guess. Anywhoo, Dont change for anyone. Your perfect. And “NEVER Say Never”! For me? :) Thanks for ALL you do, You work SO hard! Lots of love!<3 Chelsie.

  40. adeoljohnson says:

    jb is the must popular young boy that i love i wish that u can come too my home country to life i love u and your songs i write all of them in my book pictures are on my bedroom wall i even like that should be me and never let u go

  41. lauren says:

    OMG!! i love justin!!!!!! he is the only guy for me. When i thinnk about meeting him or talking to him i start crying thinking it hasnt happened. Justin if you read this I am YOUR #1 FAN!!!! I love you. Down to earth makes me cry!!! But it sooo good!!!! Justin never listen to anyone who discourges u i will die being a fan! Loveee ou forever. And hope to meet you someday even if is in heaven!!! I hope i can.

    • HaleyandWinter says:

      sorry but WE are JB’s biggest fans not u so back off and we love him way more than u we would do ANYTHING for him and we have a room FULL of posters and his PERFUME and even the MOVIE and WE EVEN HAVE HIS WALLPAPER on are phones and so yea we LOVE HIM WAYYYYY MORE THAN U!!!!!! love u JB<3 JB plz comment on r other comment if u see this love u<3

  42. Faith Floridia says:

    I HAVE LIKE EVERYTHING OF JB!!!! THE PERFUME IS SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! When i watched your movie, it made me like you even more! It was so real and i could just feel the love that your family and fans have for you! You have SOOOOO many Lovers Justin! Including me. Dont let em’ get you down, cause thats what they want. They dont know how hard it must be for you? You’re just a normal boy that went after his dreams. Some people are just blind to that i guess.EVERY TIME I LISTEN 2 UR MUSIC I CRY!!!!! STAY STRONG, NO MATTER WHO SAYS UR NOT VALUABLE YOU ARE…… Justin never listen to anyone who discourges u i will die being a fan! Loveee ou forever. And hope to meet you someday even if is in heaven!!! KEEP STRONG LOVE!!! <3 FAITH FLORIDIA

  43. Kayla says:

    Justin is my world so David don’t go putting him down I mean every day I listen to his music and watch his movies and I do It everyday and they never get old because Justin is so nice and kind and gentall and sings so well and I bet u r just jealouse that u can’t be as cute or as Famouse as Justin he is just a normal Canadian that followed his dream and he is now the newest Add to the Jacksons so just cause you r a boy does not give you the rite to make fun of him!!

  44. breanna brodrick says:

    hi jb i love u i am your bigest fan ever i have pictures of you in my locker and on my computer and i am a great singer please com to my school it is in mt.becford ave please do a show at my school i am couting on you and just to tell you i am nine oh can you come on a saturday i will really love it if you come on that day

  45. i love you and i have a talant for signing too i stared to sign whan i was 2 and i started to sign infrunt of peole whan i was 4 years old ilove to sign just like you did i love you justin and ps i here am a mapale leaf fan too bye.



  47. bieberfever4eva says:

    Ok I have to say i have followed Justin before he got signed to usher and island records……. i have loved him 4 along time :) he came to the scotia bank place in like 2009 or 2010 and i wasent able to go because the tickets were sold out :( now im just wishing to see him in concert again for either his mistlketoe album or him future belive album :)hopefully he will be at the juno awards cause i am going 4 sure :) hope to see Justin there cause it would deffently make me smile!!!!! i love u Justin

  48. ivay ryan says:

    I love all your songs i’m from Kentucky and i hope to see one of your concerts.

  49. khristina lewis says:

    justin i will jump in a fire and burn my self for u cuz i can do it or jump off a cliff for u your so hot i am a big fan one time i listed your song and fanted i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hav bieber feaver now

  50. reza says:

    hi im reza from iran my age 17 i love you .boy.

  51. kasandra says:

    there is only one thing that is better than chocolate and that is justin bieber he is a hottie

  52. harnet eweka says:

    hi i am harnet from nigeria i really like your songs they are nice and keep up the good work wishing you a happy love life with selena she is really beautiful and she will make a good wife. happy love life and please try he well. love you all

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