then-nowJustin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. His mother raised him in low income housing in Canada. All the odds were against Bieber, but he beat them and now has more money than he knows what to do with. Great success at such a young age is often a recipe for disaster. Bieber appears to remain a soft spoken man who possesses a powerful voice. What will his follow-up years hold as he marches forth into an already brilliant career path?

Bieber was a mere thirteen years old when he began his singing career. He had that special something that everybody wanted. It was a YouTube video that catapulted him to super teen idol status within what seemed like a few hours. Bieber has been likened to teen idols of the past as many have pondered aloud whether he will turn out like Leif Garrett, one of many teen idols of the seventies.

Justin Bieber is an entity of his own though. His talent and good looks have young girls swooning. It is his strong Christian background that is often credited for his continued success. His mother thought extensively as to whether a Jewish manager was the right choice for their situation and Christian background. The decision was made after long thought and prayer and an alliance between the two extremely different religious backgrounds was made.

Bieber openly declares his Christianity and states, without apology, that Jesus is the reason he was able to become so successful in his endeavors. He was discovered in such a unique way, it might lead many to believe that he is indeed correct. It is not every day that someone is discovered through a YouTube video that was placed on the internet for family and friends to enjoy.

One of the most intriguing things about Bieber is the fact that he seems to easily let the rough side of being so famous roll right off his back. For instance, when he was accused of fathering a child, he let the rumors roll off his back. Instead of fighting and arguing it out in public, he did what he needed to do to clear his name. Many people may wonder why that is so amazing. It is amazing because he did not go to great lengths wasting energy on a subject that did not deserve the attention. He did not dwell on it so fans did not dwell on it. That is unusual for someone who carries that type of fame and should be commended.

Time will tell if Bieber let it all go to his head or if he truly appreciates the great success he was born to enjoy. He has an ever growing fan base as he nicely transitions from teenager to adult. Though there were many that tried to destroy Bieber with nasty rumors when he first began, his fortitude won out and the rumor mongers soon came to realize that there was no stopping him. Even the vilest of hate mongers were hushed in light of it all. With millions of records sold worldwide to date, Bieber could easily hang his microphone up and never sing again. That does not appear to be likely though. It seems to be in his blood.


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