Justin Bieber is only 16 years old but he’s already been spotted in his first Lamborghini. The kid sitting next to him is Sean Kingston. It was reported that they went to Fro Yo, a local Frozen Yogurt shop.

Justin Bieber Lamborghini

Justin Bieber Lamborghini 2

Justin Bieber Lamborghini 3


160 Responses to Justin Bieber Lamborghini Pictures

  1. justin_bieber_chick_100% says:


  2. lavenus says:

    ilove you

  3. crystal says:

    jb love the car u rock

  4. ms.bieber says:

    i hate u justin…,,u look so humble…,,im from philipinnes..,my name is Angelica g.

  5. ms.bieber says:

    add me on faceook…, my e,a is [email protected]

  6. Tailany says:

    Oi tudo bem meu none é TAILANY,sou BRASILEIRA
    E queria falar que amo muito o JUSTIN BIEBER e quero que ele venha pra o BRASIL
    Te Amo

  7. mrs.bieber says:

    I Love U Justin. The lamorghini Looks Soooo HOT wif u inside of it!!!!!!! :-)

  8. suellen'silva says:

    hi am justin suellen’m passing by just to get you to say that I love you

  9. yeng_anne says:

    your so very handsome and i like you i love you kiss the ka ken eh;;;;;;;;…//

  10. sarah says:


  11. crystal aka mrs bieber says:

    its crystal again email me at gmail [email protected]

  12. aom says:

    you are number one man..i love you
    am from thailand

  13. brianna hall says:

    my mom would always say Brianna look for a boy for a personalilty a job and i nice car… not even a nice car just something that get u to point A to point B……. anyways nice car!!!!!! HUBBY!!!!!!!! lol hehehehehehe

  14. bieber lover says:

    u have a awesome car

  15. jasmine silver says:

    hey justin i love you so much . te amo mutio . i like you

  16. the most importante fan of justin bieber !! says:

    Juuuuuuuuustin !!! iLoveYou !! I Like you in this car ! And i love all you pictures !!! :) XoXo !!

  17. lety says:

    good car :) :) love u

  18. maria says:


  19. bryanna says:

    My ooh my . You look very handsome in the Lamborghini 😉 Haah , xo

  20. gabriella#1fan says:

    hey justin its me again i luv u in ur car u look hot!

  21. bryana says:

    nice car jb

  22. alex ps #1 fan of jb says:

    nice lamburgini hey have you driven a shelby cobra any ways i love love lovee lovee love lovee lovvee love loeve love love love love love love love love love you with all my heart i no my cars muah u look hot

  23. jean iyagie says:

    Ngana pekeje……………..

  24. jean iyagie says:

    datang kesini Bro… diposo……

  25. cherizan klassen rsa says:

    Hi Justin
    I am 13 yrs old girl from South Africa and I love your music wish I can come to one of your shows.My sister’s name is Cacharel and we are both crazy about your music. love you lots XXXXXXXXX

  26. johana says:

    i love u justin bieber ur so cute i really wish u were my best friend reeeeeeeeeeeaLY SIRESLY THANCKS BYE
    LOVE U :] =]

  27. johana says:


  28. daisyjbfever says:

    woow!!u look awsome in your car! (; cute

  29. hannah rice says:

    hi me agin my mom ow most caut me as i was saing you probly get trapeld by the other mom,s be caful

  30. pamela says:

    hay wasup wat u doing

  31. shandyyy:):) says:

    omg mann thats the kinda carr i want….:):):):):)

  32. tiffany says:

    hay wasup justin i love you a lot

  33. hannah rice says:

    hi Justin I am your number one fan my mom thinks i am crazy because I like your music my mom like,s lady gaga i do to and i almost for got i am 11 years old and if you saw my mom in the mall you would not get trampled by her you probably would get trampled well by me

  34. alex.(: says:

    Nice car.*you look really good in it and that song eenie meenie rocked!i really looked forward for going to you concert when you came to minnesota but umh i was out of town and i got really mad people say it got cacled here but i really dont know..well anyways you look like a total normal guy idk why people act like your only gonna be singing for a little bit but id think you will so i look forward on seeing you at minnesota agian!

  35. vanessa says:

    luv u n ur car

  36. lexi says:

    hey Justin U looked really cute in that car! Cant wait till u come to Jersey again.:)

    love u 😉

  37. bieber1fan says:

    love your car love u awsome concert in slo

  38. jessica says:

    i love your new car n you look so cute in that car

  39. #1 fan says:

    i like your car a lot and you look hot in that car luv u

  40. thamires oliveira says:


  41. lexi says:

    J I really like u but im not obsessed ps u r a cutie pie!

  42. #1 fan says:

    !!!!!!!!!!bieber fever!!!!!!!!!!

  43. destiny says:

    OMG! He looks sooooooooooooooooo HOTT in that car!

  44. lexi says:

    Justin I really like u but I’m obsessed ps u r a cutie pie!

  45. pink says:

    you look hoter than my boyfriend

  46. pink says:

    on that car

  47. suellen'silva says:

    Demais.isso mostra que o nosso JUSTIN BIEBER é decidido.

  48. natalie says:

    ur soooooooooooooo hot

  49. alexis.rotondi says:

    i wish that you new me i mite go to your consert

  50. evelyn says:

    oi justin sou do brasil sou sua fã te amo lindo!!

  51. evelyn says:

    justin vem cantar em sao carlos te amo muito !!!!!!!!!lindo

  52. evelyn says:

    faz uma musica pra mim e manda no meu orkut é evelyn eduarda rosante beijos lindo

  53. jessica says:

    that is a very nice car i wish i ahd that car and u are soooooooo hot i want to meet u some day come to…. hahahaha

  54. adelaide says:

    wow u are so hot.i wish 1 day we could met and have a chat mwaah u make my world go rould p.s

  55. justin+ me=♥ says:

    i bet u would look so hot riding that car. I wish later i can have a ride in that car ha ha 😉 iloveu! ur the best!

  56. jbs girl says:

    i love u and that car

  57. tyshai says:

    justin u are so fine in that car i luv u and that car.

  58. demaria wheeler says:

    you look so hot i love you some love me love say that you love me. i love you so much im your biggest fan

  59. arlet says:

    justin i love you

  60. love u justin bieber says:

    ur so cuttttttteeeee all of my friends lov u especially meeeee ur the bestest justin bieber i reallyyyy wish i can meet u some day ps ur reaallly cute jb

  61. yarii =.) says:


  62. elizhama haney says:

    Justin u drive now or do u just have ur learners permit.I wish I could meet and c u and hang out and I wish u could drive me in a car.

  63. gabbey says:

    I love you\

  64. ilovejdb says:

    JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much ur d best plz cum ta ireland me nd my friend marissa love you!!!!!!!!! nd we botrh have a bad cause of Bieber Fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. destanie says:

    Justin is sooooooooooo hot. i took a quiz it said we are meant for each other.I have all so been to one of his conserts. He is hotter in real life.

  66. katy says:

    you are so good but personly i dont like your car[color]it should be black.your car should be mecladon type of frari

  67. giiovanna says:

    justin bieber sou do Brasil itu cidade nova vem canta aqui, aqui todo mundo te Ama tem um monte de gene de fora aqui mudaro para cá querendo que vc venha prá cá já fui em varios show sei principalmente o de las vegas.. adorei muito a e vc conheceu minha Tia a Eliana..a e eu ganhei a sua blusa que vc altografo..

  68. alisha says:

    hahahaha nice face 😛

  69. jb lover says:

    Love the car Justin!!! U should get a diff colour tho!

  70. hannah says:

    i love u u r sexy n i am 16 how old r u

  71. kelly says:

    I love your ride and u look hottttttt.

  72. sandy sousa says:

    ai Justin *-* eu amo você mais que tudo nesse mundo 😀
    queria muito lhe conheçer !
    Você é meu gato :)~

  73. sandy sousa says:

    teamo , teamo , teamo , teamo !

  74. monica says:

    i love that car wow that car is so cool justin

  75. sandy sousa says:

    Justin eu espero você aqui no Brasil 😀

  76. danielle says:

    hey!justin you have a cool and awsome lamborghini car…and you are so cute in here…ayeeeeeeeeee…..im came from philippines..i wish you will come to cebu..

  77. i love u justin says:


  78. jazzy says:

    like your car and you

  79. cramber says:

    Woah nice car Justinn! I love it and u!

  80. fiona-i luv u justin!!!!!!!!!! says:

    u look super awsome in that car and holy man u r super cute do u know french?? bonjour justin je t’aime toi tellment je suis foue pour toi and when i call ur fan # im soo gonna tell u that im this person kamloops bc canada luv u!!!

  81. natalie bieber says:

    justin nice ride love bro!1!

  82. hope,sphara & native says:


  83. the bieber love says:

    hey justin bieber u rock and love ur music such as baby u smile one less lonely girl
    and lots more soooo write me back love katie

  84. bieber lovers says:

    jb is 16 and he has a gf prob soo you cant date him hahaha hannah

  85. katie says:

    Justin Bieber is so asome

  86. kaylee says:

    i luv your music and u u r my role model and u r soooooo sweet i luv u!!!

  87. jewel says:

    can u come to detroit

  88. saria says:

    i want 1 but i wish ur car was a diffrent color

  89. lexi says:

    that car is cool and you look hooottt!!!!

  90. bieberryph says:

    i like it….. sean kingston hi!:>

  91. jb luver says:

    nice car did i tell u that a lambo was nmy dream car P.S i think the car should have a glossy purple if i where u lololololololololololol rock out loud

  92. laiz says:

    justin ti amo

  93. narinda bieber says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ar så hoot!!!!

  94. evelyn says:

    can i come with u???

  95. shanyce says:


  96. jazzy says:

    your so looky love you ride LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  97. shaniah easton says:

    is it hot in here or is it just him? (justin)

  98. nlak says:

    You are a good singer.Try to do your best in future.Good luck……

  99. kayla says:

    Suite ride!!!!!! Looking good JUSTIN!!!!

  100. sexy bieber says:

    u r so damn cute i wanna kiss u all over love the car it suits u,ugo boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. sexy amanda says:

    i love u justin and the car suits u call me tonite!!!!!!!!

  102. tayler says:


  103. adriana =) says:

    justin u look so fliping cute in the car with sean kingston. i love u justin

  104. ivett xd says:

    u looking rocking in that car justin and sean. i love u justin!

  105. cutie adriana =) says:

    can i be your one less lonley girl justin? p.s. love the car jb

  106. selena gomez says:


  107. sadie mobley says:

    u look soooo hot in yer car @ i love u

  108. sadie mobley says:

    i wish u can come to portland @ yer wallcome

  109. gillian says:

    i love you and your car

  110. gillian says:

    call me remember i love you so much

  111. hot says:

    can you driver me plz and back of

  112. manjeetabieber says:

    heyy everywhere u r soo cute..,.damn!!!

  113. alexis says:

    thats a hot car 4 a hot guy!!!

  114. shokoofe says:

    im from in iran.justin i love you

  115. shokoofe says:

    im from in iran.justin i love you

  116. xay says:

    QUE CARRO????????????

  117. *maria * says:

    I think that u have a rockin car!and i hope to be able to meet u someday ur definitly my idle right next to micheal jackson!!! and i think people like u make this world a much better place !lol!=^)

  118. wife of justin bieber says:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  119. brenda says:

    you have a very nice car. a reminder alway were your seat belt. on August 9,2010 in new port bulivard i was in a car crash i was saved becouse i was wearing my seat belt my dad was driving a whit tuck

  120. mrs.bieber101 says:

    hope you come to LAS VEGAS.IM UR ONE LESS LONLEY GIRL.

  121. chevanie says:

    cool ride that doesnt look like u

  122. memo says:


  123. ashley says:

    sexyyyyyyy asssss :)

  124. mrs. bieber says:

    OKKAYYY! That car is tight! I love it. Heck take me on a ride!!!

  125. ------- says:

    Nice car

  126. mrs.bieber says:

    wow nice ride! UR SO CUTE

  127. dannielle says:

    nice ride justin

  128. dannielle says:

    justin that iz one awsome ride

  129. mya says:

    i love the new car you want to for a ride and this girl oh i stell love you boyfirend

  130. #1 jb fan! says:

    lov your ride! u look sooo awesome in it!think you could giv me a ride? lol i wish! you inspire me SO much!

  131. #1 jb fan! says:

    you should SO come to minnesota again! jb an mj are my total idle! since i was 10 i wished to meet you! i watched all your youtube video’s ! i lov your humor! your great thanx for givin me so much hope !

  132. #1 jb fan! says:

    keep tht seat belt on! if you ever ot hurt i would literally die! lol

  133. justin rocks:) says:

    wow….nice car it fits u good looking nd good looking guy you hahaha:) u look cute in that pic!!!!!!!!

  134. justin rocks:) says:

    wow….nice car it fits u good looking car nd good looking guy you hahaha:) u look cute in that pic!!!!!!!!

  135. kourtney says:

    I luvv him and that car!

  136. girl frend of says:

    hi u look awsome in that car

  137. lol bieber lover says:

    number 1 fan how disapointing that i read in a magazing that u dont date fans i would love to have a date with u baby

  138. *marianne* says:

    dear justin biber,my name is marianne mathieu-bélanger im 10 years old i love year song,year an instiration for my.
    Hum… I LOVE YOUUUU =)(love)and i love yor convertable car,


  139. *marianne* says:

    you are beautifuly, lol =)

  140. gabriella says:

    i like u so much….u so handsome.ur voice is so sweet..mmmmmahh…….

  141. tambriea says:

    i love him and his car sooo mutch

  142. love layya says:


  143. baby says:

    Hey justin u luk so gud in yo tight car.hpe to be yo frend sam day ps. Hpe u cn make my dream cum true. And i only want to be yo frend since i read in a magazine u dnt date fans so a frend is o i cn b 2u bt i think yo sooooo hot

  144. esmme says:

    wow!!luv it!you look hot justin!!!

  145. gabrielle says:

    hi justin bieber i,m 9 i love you

  146. justin rocks:) says:

    still look good hahaha ur the best luv u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. ameena says:

    u r the hotttest wit 3ts. i like 2 be next 2 u but u dnt date fans. u dnt know how much would love u nd like 2 c u. luv u jb 😉

  148. ornella says:

    your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  149. me =) says:

    Your simply Cute!=)

  150. ashley #1 jb fan says:

    love u. u r so hot

  151. kmggraceful says:

    Holy crap!!! Where I’m from it’s AWESOME to see a Chevy Corvette. A Lamborghini would be a miracle.

  152. blabla says:

    hye justin i am so sad it is 11:30pm i am alone with god and sick witout nobody to help me

  153. lala says:

    goodbyeeee (crying):(

  154. frankie says:

    i love you jb you are so nice and funny i love you jb

  155. frankie says:

    I am your #1 fan ok cool bye

  156. gigi says:

    hey justin looking good in tht amazing car! wish i could meet u!!!!!!!!

  157. brianna seville says:

    i love it justin

  158. madison says:

    you look sooo hot as always.i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you soooooooooooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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