Before Justin’s 16th birthday, the legal age that you can get a driver’s license and operate a car in the United States, he got around other ways. No doubt having a driver to take him around is a definite luxury. He also used his beloved Segway to get from point A to point B, sometimes even go through fast food drive-thrus! For the majority of teens, Justin Bieber included, nothing compares to being behind the wheel and having your very own driver’s license.

Justin went all the way for his sweet sixteen, and chose to get around in style via the ultimate Italian sports car,envied by guys aged 9 to 99… A fully loaded Ferrari. In all the excitement it’s easy to forget how common car accidents are. Most people are involved in at least two over their lifespan.

Justin Bieber and his dream car, a black Ferrari. They both look the same today, despite the auto accident. :)

Just days ago, on August 30th, Justin fan’s everywhere that heard he was involved in a car accident were scared and anxious to hear (hopefully good) news on the situation.Justin was cruising around Los Angeles, California in his sleek black Ferrari. The accident happened around noon, at the 10,900 block of Bluffside Drive in an underground parking garage in “Studio City”. The other car involved was a humble Honda Civic. So, who’s to blame? As a general rule, in auto accidents the person who hits the vehicle in front of him/her is the one at fault. To be honest, when I first heard the story I assumed that Justin may have been at fault simply because he is a new teenage driver in a flashy and fast car. When I looked further into the story, I learned that the Honda Civic hit Justin’s car from behind… or as one Officer from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said, that Justin’s Ferrari was “tapped from behind” by the Honda Civic.

The collision is considered a minor car accident. Nobody was hurt, and neither car had any damage to the body and exterior, nor the internal parts such as the engine or head gasket. There is one more thing we are all a little curious about though… Justin was not riding solo at the time. During an interview with the LAPD about the minor accident, Officer Herrera confirmed that the passenger was not Selena Gomez.He kept his statement about the mystery passenger simple,simply stating “No, Selena Gomez was not the passenger.” The local police department’s official statement reads:  Valley Traffic Officer’s were called to a collision that occurred when a Honda Civic collided with Justin Bieber’s black Ferrari. No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle. Paparazzi was at scene. Many people are curious who Bieber’s passenger was, especially because it was a female that was not his girlfriend. This is probably due to the fact that so many people in North America are borderline obsessive about celebrity culture, and love reading about secrets and scandals, rather than perfect scenarios and peaceful interactions. Knowing as much as I, and other fans do about Justin…his personality, values and honest admiration for Miss Gomez, I really doubt it was any secret love interest,or third wheel to create a love triangle… not to mention the fact that Justin was the one who phoned authorities to check out the site, although it was obvious it was minor.Although I can’t say for sure exactly who the female is, many people have reported and believe that the passenger was a business associate such as a female assistant, or his mother.

Justin and his expensive dream car sure did get lucky though, with no damage to either of the two vehicles or any party involved in the accident. No doubt being in a car accident is no fun for anybody.For the driver who is to blame, a fender bender can really dig into your wallet, especially if you have to pay out-of-pocket entirely or fork out a lot of hard-earned cash for your deductible if you don’t have auto insurance in the first place, or have inadequate coverage. To top that off, long after the accident has been resolved and forgotten you’ll still be paying for it as your monthly bill for insurance is bound to increase. If you live in a state where it is illegal to not have at least minimum liability auto insurance you could be facing steep fines, get your license temporarily revoked or suspended, or even end up in jail if you’re a repeat offender and fail to pay the fines and courses you are required to take. We are a Justin Bieber fan site and blog based out of Texas, one of the states where it is illegal (making it a crime) to drive without at least the minimum liability auto insurance.Texas is also a state that requires your vehicle passes certain safety and emissions standards. These “tags” do expire, and you have to take it back in from time to time. Texas citizens can get citations if their vehicles inspection sticker is expired, and your vehicle must meet several requirements to “Pass Inspection” so you can get the sticker in the first place, while no laws required vehicles pass inspections for safety and emissions in the bordering state of Oklahoma.

Although the minor accident Justin was involved in didn’t cause any damage to either vehicle, and more importantly nobody from either car was hurt he did get lucky. What was your initial reaction when you first read or heard that Justin Bieber was involved in an accident before you knew any of the details? Our staff,including myself was worried and wanted to know the story and status of the people in both cars. I have no doubt that Justin Bieber fans, felt just like we did! Worried, praying that the worse didn’t happen. The media was all over it, maybe for reasons involving publicity, but the status of any 17-year-old boy, or any unexperienced new driver who was involved in a car accident worries any community. Nobody would wish the worst upon somebody involved in an auto accident, and they’d also want to ensure that the new drivers they share the road with are not driving recklessly. Once all the smoke cleared and we knew that everybody, and the cars, walked away without a scratch or bruise the next question popped into our heads. Who caused the accident? Well, most people would assume it was the teenage driver with the expensive sports car, rather than more experienced drivers in a more humble car, and statistics of auto accidents can back up the logic behind that. Despite the statistics and assumptions I believe everybody was a little bit surprised to find out that Justin Bieber did not cause the accident. Well, he is super-mature for his age, has a ton of talent, a big heart, and has been involved in several non-profit organizations and charities. And after this, we can add “mature driver” to the list.

My point being that we all need to be safe behind the wheel, regardless of whether the area you live in legally requires you to pass certain inspections, have auto insurance or any other law. We also need to mind things that apply internationally such as speed limits, stop signs and traffic lights. Yes, they can definitely be annoying, but keep in mind why these laws were created to begin with. No traffic law was implemented simply to annoy and stress people out, but to keep the roads as safe as possible. So many of us, especially young drivers, can feel invincible behind the wheel and be tempted to pull a trick or drive in donuts every now and then, but it’s not worth it. Yes, getting your licence is a great feeling, hitting the open road makes you feel free and liberated. No matter your age, please keep the safety of yourself, your passengers and everybody else you share the road with in mind. Have fun, enjoy that right of passage…but please be safe too!


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