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34 Responses to Justin Bieber Chat

  1. Bieber Live Chat says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a Justin Bieber Live Chat soon?

  2. jazlynn says:

    I`m here for you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jazlynn says:

    your the best 8)

    • shawntae says:

      hey justin we love you so much and we wish you the best and sorry but u were wrong to break up with jasmine v cuz she is the best and better then selena

  4. henriza cassini tan says:

    hi justin!how are you? i really really love your song so much..!i hope that i can see you someday..:)

  5. cassini tan says:

    hi justin! i really5x like you because your so cute and gwapo(in tagalog)means handsome(in english)

  6. Katie says:

    omg i lovejunstin bieber your so amazing!!!!!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Hey i love your songs and can you please reply back!!!

  8. leann says:

    i like this chat its awsm. cuz i get 2 talk with my friendss[;

  9. sakshi says:

    n i love you more from saira i love your song love me, onless ,onetime etc

  10. hi my name is raynal i have your cup . i like you so much.

  11. ruentje says:

    Justin this is @ruentje from twitter…..my birthday is on may 13th….can’t wait for never say never DVD….OMG love it,…..so exited…!!!!<3 many love kiss kiss,the beliebers from surinam…!!!!:-D

  12. hey justin ur amazing it is so hard to describe how much i love u justin i hope u can come to my house someday <3

  13. shyann says:

    I mean i like your music and i wish you could sing happy birthdat to me on september 30 which is a long way from now

  14. katlyn says:

    i love justin bieber i think he is the bomb

  15. Lillian says:

    I hope this ewaches Justin Bieber. I have a six year old daughter named, Lillian. This year has been extrememly hard because Lillian”s dad, Daniel, decided to an unaccompanied tour away from his family for a year. My husband, Daniel, has been fighting for his country since he was eighteen for the Air Force. I can say that Lillian and myself aee extremely proud of her daddy/husband. Since Dan has been gone, he has missed a lot of Lillian’s miolestones throughiut the whole year. Dan xhass missed her first tooth coming out and the most important missing her graduation at the end of the school year. This has been an emotional roller coaster ride for Lillian since her daddy has been gone. I know that Dan will ben surprising her to come home two days prior to her seventh birthday. Lillian has talked about how she would love to meet Justin Bieber on her birthday. I know it would mean the world to Lillian to be surprise the two most important men in her life. she looks up to Juastin Bieber and would love to meet him in the future. I would love and hipe that Juatin Bieber could surprise her on her birthday. Lilliian birthday is the 20th July and I know she would be so delighted to meet Justin in person. thank you for your time to hear Lillian”s story.

    God Bless,
    Wendy Hinojosa

  16. Akieylah says:

    hi! bieber…. i’m akieylah from malaysia…. im really want meet u…. and u very very talented!!!! hope we can meet… <3

  17. I want u to come back to new jersey I want 4 tickets in front row too. I want to meet u so bad nd to be ur ollg

  18. zaya_j.b.fun! says:

    Hi Justin! If you’re sitting here, then please read this!My name is Zaya, I am 14 was born December 8, 1996!I live in Russia! and would like just once to see you because you love you!I flashed this verse to you!

    First come the dawn. We did not stay together, I know you’re far away, but by how much? But my blood is boiling, the fire of your soul that can not go out. And my heart says do not forget, do not let go. The heart is not iron. It all feels. All the love, the feelings that I feel for , every minute, every hour, in my mind you . I can not forget you, your eyes, soft lips and gentle hands. It is not easy. Every tear in my eyes, means something, but what? It needs to know you. All the pain, I try to hide deep in the shadows of the soul. Because I’m in love with you baby. I try not to dream, to remain silent. But all by it self you.

    Even if you’re not around, I’m trying to tell myself he’s around, wait a bit. but it does not work. Feelings are eating me from inside. I was even a hurricane will not stop. I can not stop. I can not! If you do not see you, your unforgettable smile, your voice, which does not fall asleep. Because you know every word to me means something. I’m ready to give you all the affection, love, tenderness, because you deserve it. I know you want my heart, my love. Without you I’m like a fish out of water. but I promise that you’ll be next. promise that we will walk in the street lighting, tenderly kissing in the rain. promise that we will be a couple. I’m in love yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!

  19. maryam says:

    hi justin my name is maryam and im a big fan though the distance is a thousands miles maybe even more im from iran and i cant use facebook and twitter an myspace and… cause theyre filtered i wish i could make you see i really love youre songs my birthday is august 20 please leave an e-mail for me and make me happy!

  20. Amelia says:

    Hi Justin,
    I’m Amelia and i love you soooooooooo much!!! I think you are the best (and hottest) singer in the world. i think i have the worst case of Bieber Fever eva!!. I really want you to come to Singapore everyone here loves you, and i missed you the last time you where here (i know i’m not the only one who wants you to come EVERYONE LOVES YOU!!!) If you do read this please reply. I love you Justin. xx

  21. janette says:

    hi justin i am having a birthday party today i hope you can come and please bring selena and alot of presents reply so i can give u the address it would mean the world to me if u came i have added u on facebook and twitter so come to my house today its yellow and its located in dallas tx or send me a autograph

  22. davyanna says:

    hey to you people reading this .Justin your one of the people love and look up to.I just want to give hope to keep doing what your doing.I see all the other stuff that people wrote to and it looks like they really want you to read and answer them.I thin that you should take so free time out of your day an read to let your fans know that you really care. By doing this anytime that you have will let them know that you really care and not just some other star that just wants fame and the will know that aren’t fake that your real.

    Verse Hebrews 4:12

    For the word of god is alive and active.sharper than any double-edged sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit joins and marrows;it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

  23. Hey Justin I love u so much you aré the best never let u go my baby come to Houston Texas or to Guatemala city pelase I peg u!!!!!!!!!!! You ate my life pelase I just want to see you just one time please!!!!!!!!! Your sincerly love

    Marisa B

  24. Jennifer says:

    Hi Justin…My love
    Im Jennifer and I think Im the biggest fan of you or your true lover.Im here to say I love you soooooooooooo much,you dont know how much it is? Dont you?
    And I have seen all of your music videos…They are perfect.Try to record more. I wish to see you one day.

    with love,Jennifer and dont forget to answer soon.

  25. Mariah says:

    Justin Bieber I look up to you very much.I dream of being a famous singer and my other dream is to meet you. Intill I heard ur story So could you please reply and maybe give me some singing advice. I love u and ur music. I have been through a lot over the pass year so just a least please reply back to me.

  26. savannah griffith says:

    you are so awsome justin bieber i love your music

  27. L.a says:

    Hey justin you are my inspiration! My friend from school and I love you so much and want to let you know we support you one hundred percent! By the way happy belated birthday you are lucky you get such an amazing car. Don’t text and drive! I love you

  28. B_Bieber88 says:


    I absolutely love your music. Your such a good artist.I wish you great luck and hope and joy in your career. Take the time out to come to Virginia. I would love to see and or meet you again. I’ve never met you before. But I would love to.
    I love you JUstin Drew<3

  29. jaz says:

    hey justin im 7 and im your biggest fan i love you
    and tell selena get a life

  30. hey Justin am your bigger fan I have all of your pictures and I kiss them because I love you so much

  31. chyane says:

    Hello Justin I want u to know u are a great person and u shouldn’t let anyone tell u otherwise. Also I would’ve gone to everyone of your concerts but I don’t have the money to do that or to buy a ticket. I also want to thank u for praying for my grandma when she had cancer last year she pulled through and after that she left her abusive husband and now is back in new York with her two sisters who have cancer. Thank u for the prayers and the hope. Also my biggest dream is to become a singer and sing alongside of my idol u Justin u are my idol. Without ur music and ur inspiring me I never would have joined Choi I never would be singing evry day so I can remember a song I never would have known I was great at singing without u. Thank u. I love u have great day be safe.

  32. chyane says:

    I hope I can meet u son day soon and I hope to go to ur concerts and also sing on stage I have big dreams and I have faith.

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