Although Justin Bieber was not nominated for any awards last Sunday at the 2011 BET Awards, that did not stop the Teen Price from making an all-star appearance. A bunch of his friends made their own appearance at the 11th annual event for entertainment awards in L.A. last Sunday night, June,26th, 2011.

Which of Justin Bieber’s friends made the ballot? Well, his friend from the beginning of it all, Usher to start with, his newer friends Drake and Chris Brown and Justin’s former crush, Beyonce and Kayne West all made the list! He was rooting for all of them, but expressed his support for fellow Canadian superstar newcomer, Drake, with supportive comments showing he was really there to cheer on his pal such as “I’m rooting for Drake,”and. “Drake is my homey.” Although Drake is known today for being a talented and well-loved newcomer to the Hip Hop scene, and has proved that he is not just a one hit wonder or flash in the pan, that mug is no new face to the camera. Aubrey Drake Graham first starred in the teen hit and remake of the original Degrassi series, starring as high schooler, Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Tons of other A-Lister’s besides Justin’s pals were at the awards show event in Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium last Sunday, including Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj,Bruno Mars, and Lil Wayne all made it.

Justin had so much fun, and had been talking about smiling about being an awards presenter to everybody two weeks prior to the event. Justin attended an event for his new fragrance, Someday, in New York City on the Thursday before the event, but was all smiles, and was genuinely excited for the BET Awards, supporting and rooting for his friends, and his role as an awards presenter at the event. He joked around to MTV News Cameras at the Someday event regarding the upcoming BET Awards, saying he was keeping whatever plans he had for the event, and anything he might add to it, a total surprise, commenting “You never know. I will never tell you, ever, even if there was a fire right now,”, and later added “I wouldn’t tell you. I can’t tell you [or I’d] have to kill you.” Isn’t it nice to see that Justin Bieber gets as excited for supporting his pals in the spotlight as he does about being in it himself?

The event was a success, despite a small altercation between Justin’s own security team and entourage, and security for the event. While the two sides got into somewhat of a showdown, we were surprised to find out what it was over… One of Justin’s guys didn’t have his ticket on him.(Couldn’t they have confronted them like men, and cleared it up as such?). After that little infraction ended, the show went on and proved to be just as great as the ten previous years with plenty of celeb appearances and television viewers at home,(With a few more than usual in Canada, Thanks to Justin and Drake..!) Did you miss it? Check out the encore presentation on July 4th at 8P/7C.


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