In the past few years, Justin Bieber has become a household name. His signature style has inspired more than just his fan base, we’ve all seen magazine pages, blog entries and other media outlets depict other celebrities in ensembles that were inspired by JB, whether it’s a head to toe look, or a subtle accessory. Oh, and that hair. Ask any hairdresser or other salon employee how many people,both male and female, young or old, come in requesting Justin’s signature hair, photos in hand and all.

JB sporting 3 of the mentioned trends.

What trends and styles has Justin sported from late 2008 to now, mid 2011?

  • That hair. To state the obvious. We have another helpful post that explains the how-to, and aftercare of Justin’s haircut.
  • Minimal jewelry, Dog Tags are in., Keeping jewelery to a minimum is a rule most guys follow anyway. He swapped out the simple chain guys like to wear for personalized dog tags, which anybody can get personalized.  You can get your own personalized dog tags online, and it’s fairly cheap and super simple! Just let the company know what information you want on yours, whether you want it to mimic the “real kind” the military uses, or if your ideas more novelty, they’ll do it for you. Some of the best, and easiest to use websites (some even have generators so you can preview your dog tag!) are Dog Tags Direct because they have the best prices with a set starting out at $6.99, and come with more than just the tag you get the chain, two “silencers” (Rubber rings made to fit around the dog tag, which would make them silent in actual combat.For fashion and style purposes, they are available in a variety of colors.) Another great place to get custom tags is Iced Out Gear. Like the name suggests, they carry tons of accessories and novelty items from personalized necklaces to hats. Look for “dog tags” on the menu on the left side. I particularly like this site for tags even though they are on the expensive side because of the variety! They carry custom photo tags, 18K Gold and White Gold plated tags, and custom scrolling LED tags to name a few.
  • JB is mad for plaid!It’s not new, but until recently plaid had usually been seen worn as small accessories like wallets or headbands, or those with extreme styles, like punk rockers. Justin made it popular beyond the minimal plaid hair barrette or lining of a jacket. Whats the trick to making plaid work? Choose articles that have a “slim” fit (don’t go too tight, or you’ll look like a regular punk rocker), don’t do plaid on bottom and top, even it out by making sure the remainder of your outfit is simple. Plaid button shirts have been seen everywhere, and on everyone. Females can rock this look, as the plaid button ups made for her are more form-fitting and made to fit the female body. Stick to the aforementioned rule to keep everything else relatively simple by wearing it with plain jeans or black pants and a solid color tank underneath. Feminize the look for swapping the solid tank for a more form-fitting, spaghetti strap tank or camisole.Bonus points for one with lace trim (for the ladies that is…)
  • Designer Suits: One label we always spot JB in is Dolce & Gabbana (D&G), a favorite of celebrities and fashionistas both. For special occasions, he loves wearing D&G on the red carpet, whether he is by himself or spotted with Selena Gomez. This is a trend that most of us can’t follow, but do use it as inspiration by wearing a timeless classic suit to any special events coming up on your calendar. If it’s the brand your after, save up for a smaller item that carries a smaller price tag with it as well, like sunglasses. Besides, don’t sunglasses get to leave the closet more often than suits reserved for special events.
  • He ties it all together: Another fave of JB for the red carpets and other events and parties is the simple and classic bow tie. Color coordinated, of course. And as far as Justin’s red carpet style, this is much easier to mimic than splurging on a Dolce and Gabbana suit.
  • Black with a flash: He loves his bright colors, and knows how to make them stand out and appear even brighter. Try a black shirt, black pants or shorts depending on the season, some black skate shoes maybe, and ONE bright statement piece. For Justin, it’s often his signature
    looped and tied around the neck scarf. This is another style idea that works for both genders. Ladies can use a pop of bright color by layering a slightly longer tank or tee underneath the black one, or pair the black skinny jeans and tee with a super cute pair of brightly colored heels.Pumps and stilettos are timeless, but fortunately, mid heel shoes are in this season so you can pull if out and be comfortable. Try belts, bright and highly pigmented eyeshadow or liner (ladies),shoes, chunky bracelets. Test out for yourself whatever comes to mind, and ask your friends for some honest feedback.
  • The new black?Has anybody noticed that purple in every shade from a light, calming lavender shade to neon purples. Justin likes mixing purple and black together. You could call it his signature color scheme. Hmm… is anybody else pondering if his future bride and him will agree on that as the color scheme for their wedding? You can definitely tell he’s a purple fan by looking at the One Less Lonely Girl nail lacquer collection he did for polish megabrand (For charitable causes, of course), Nicole by OPI. Read more about JB’s line of nail lacquers, One Less Lonely Girl in our very own article, Bieber’s charity collaboration with a nail polish company.
  • In a recent issue of Glamour magazine, Reese Witherspoon had a page describing what makes Reese well, Reese. She shared some of her favorite quotes, best advice and favorite products she couldn’t live without. Toward the end, she was speaking of lighthearted thing she was told as a young actress., “You know you’re a celebrity when you’re wearing sunglasses in the rain”… Well rain or shine Justin has quite the baby face and he knows it. He adds a little maturity to his baby face by wearing the right sunglasses. In his case, he keeps it simple with a pair of bold frames, and a more subdued neckwarmer or scarf he threads through the loop.

There you have it, a few trends JB follows (or started, perhaps).Trends come and go, and anybody’s personal style can be affected by what is currently “in” or “out” in the fashion world. Almost no trend is brand new, as fashion repeats itself… if not entirely you can bet that any given trend has at least been inspiredby one of a previous era. For example, two of the biggest trends that Justin is in on, bright neon colors on everything from T-shirts and shoes to nail lacquer and eyeshadow stemmed from the 1980’s, popular about the same time the Aerobic fitness craze came on the scene. The plaid button ups may not be identical to the ones seen on teens and young adults in the 1990’s “Grunge” music (and fashion) movement but was definitely inspired by it. Love that plaid print, but am happy that today’s version is more put-together and it’s wearers more hygenic. We will keep you updated on more JB styles and trends as they happen.


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