Want to have hair like the young heartthrob? It’s been seen everywhere these days, as his style has no doubt influenced many fashion and style trends in 2010 and 2011. The cut works for just about everybody, and compared to many of the hollywood hairstyles, is relatively easy to achieve and maintain. So if you want that cut, we’ve broken it down into several detailed steps almost anyone can follow.

The Cut:

Unless you’re a cosmetologist yourself, its best to go to the pros for getting the cut. Most hairdressers have had many clients come in requesting the hairstyle, or at least a style inspired by it. None the less, to ensure that your style is identical to Justin’s, tell the stylist you want a Bieber cut, emphasize you need it “heavy” in front, and “light” in back. Bringing in photos is helpful too. Browse the Internet for photos that show off the hair. Try finding one taken from the front, and if you can one taken with Justin turned around so you can show the back of the style to your stylist or hairdresser

The color:

To get the color right, you can ask your hairdresser for a professional dye job. Depending on the color and texture of your hair, it may be a simple, one step process, or you may be looking to spend a few hours in the salon chair, and go through other processes such as lightening, or chemically straightening it. You can also avoid the salon for the color, and do it at home with a hair dye kit from the drugstore. DIY box color is only recommended to those whose hair is NOT darker than shade your going for, and have had some experience with permanent color at home. Whether your letting your stylist know what shade your looking for, or comparing boxes on the shelves you will need to look for a sandy brown or dirty blond color.

Aftercare and maintenence: You will need to go back to the salon for a trim to keep the cut fresh every 6-8 weeks. It would be advisable to go to the same hairdresser that gave you the inital cut, but if you can’t see the same person for some reason go ahead and bring the same photos that show the hairstyle well, even though its just a trim. If you dyed your hair to get the sandy brown/dirty blond hue, you will also need to touch up on color every 6-8 weeks. Care for your color between cuts and colors by treating it with care. Because chemically processed hair of any kind, whether its dyed, permed, relaxed, whatever is damaged and more fragile than virgin hair, you will have to pay a little more attention to how you care for it. Make a simple switch from your previous shampoo and conditioner to ones made specially for color treated hair. You can get a luxury salon brand, but because of the ever-increasing number of people that color their hair, more affordable brands now make shampoo and conditioners for color-treated hair you can find on drugstore shelves. Avoid a hay-like texture by conditioning your hair religiously. In addition the normal conditioner you use right after shampooing on a daily basis, get a deep conditioning treatment  product you leave on for  3-10 minutes outside the shower (depending on the brand) to use every week or two.

Now that all aspects of his hair have been broken down into detail, you too can have the Beibster cut and keep it in tip-top shape with the right aftercare. Whether or not you want to share your insider knowledge on the how-to’s of the hairstyle is up to you.

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2 Responses to How to get heart-throb hair like Justin Bieber’s

  1. John says:

    So what if my hair is thin, i have a cowlick in the front right, and when i flip it it doesnt stay down it gets poofed out and to make it look somewhat decent i push it down with my hands . I want his hair soo bad i wake up an hour before school and get my hair washed and wet then put a tabogan on just so my hair will stay down. Pathetic i know just please give me a tip on how to get hair like his…permanently

    • Josh says:

      I use hairspray, i have a cowlick but using hairspray keeps my hair still, lol :) now i have hair like him and look just like him at times which ain’t bad for girls

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