Justin Bieber Fansite http://justinbieber.info justinbieber.info Wed, 11 Apr 2012 22:21:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0.1 Justin’s Appearance on the Kids’ Choice Awards http://justinbieber.info/justins-appearance-on-the-kids-choice-awards.html http://justinbieber.info/justins-appearance-on-the-kids-choice-awards.html#comments Wed, 11 Apr 2012 22:20:46 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=915 Justin Bieber recently made a special appearance at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, March 31, 2012, in sunny Los Angeles, California. Justin looked handsome as ever in a 1950s inspired outfit and hairstyle. He arrived on Nickelodeon’s famed orange carpet wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, and a rebellious [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/justins-appearance-on-the-kids-choice-awards.html/feed 0 Boyfriend Conquers! http://justinbieber.info/boyfriend-conquers.html http://justinbieber.info/boyfriend-conquers.html#comments Thu, 05 Apr 2012 21:54:04 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=911 Justin Bieber, the ever growing popular superstar in the music industry has recently released his first single, “Boyfriend,” for his latest studio album, Believe. The song was released on March 26, 2012 and quickly became viral on the internet. With incredible lyrics and a stylish beat, the song came together with Mike [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/boyfriend-conquers.html/feed 0 Justin Bieber Mania to Manhood http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-mania-to-manhood.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-mania-to-manhood.html#comments Mon, 26 Mar 2012 20:38:04 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=905 Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. His mother raised him in low income housing in Canada. All the odds were against Bieber, but he beat them and now has more money than he knows what to do with. Great success at such a young age is often a recipe for [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-mania-to-manhood.html/feed 0 Justin Bieber: a Giving Nature http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-a-giving-nature.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-a-giving-nature.html#comments Tue, 06 Dec 2011 12:55:14 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=900 While Justin Bieber has rocketed to fame in just two short years, he has quickly become known for more than his music. Bieber makes regular contributions to a number of charities and even donates proceeds from record sales to those in need. Here’s a look at some of Justin’s recent charitable work.

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Justin Bieber’s Awards http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-awards.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-awards.html#comments Sun, 27 Nov 2011 22:10:34 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=895 Although Justin Bieber has only been on the scene for a few short years, the Canadian singer has already managed to secure 54 awards and 65 nominations in the industry as of 2011. Bieber became the first singer with seven songs from a debut record debut on the Top 100 chart, a [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-awards.html/feed 0 Justin’s Christmas Album http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-christmas-album.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-christmas-album.html#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 01:06:54 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=891 Justin Bieber recently released his latest full-length album just in time for Christmas. “Under the Mistletoe” features both original songs by the artist and classic holiday songs. There are also a number of duets with well-known recording artists The Band Perry, Usher, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Boys II Men and Mariah Carey.
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Justin Has a Love Child? http://justinbieber.info/justin-has-a-love-child.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-has-a-love-child.html#comments Mon, 14 Nov 2011 23:46:48 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=887 A 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater came forward claiming that her son, born in July 2011, was father by none other than Justin Bieber. The California woman claims Justin fathered the child in a bathroom after one of his concerts in Los Angeles around October of 2010. The woman, who has received an assault charge [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/justin-has-a-love-child.html/feed 2 Justin Bieber – What is He Afraid Of? http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-what-is-he-afraid-of.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-what-is-he-afraid-of.html#comments Sun, 13 Nov 2011 14:14:50 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=882 Have you ever walked into an elevator and wished you could get out as soon as the door closed? Then you know just how Justin Bieber feels. Justin is afraid of elevators and other small, closed-in spaces. His fear is known as claustrophobia (claw-stro-fob-ee-a), which is a fear of being in small, [...]]]> http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-what-is-he-afraid-of.html/feed 0 Justin Bieber Dress Up Game http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-dress-up-game.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-dress-up-game.html#comments Wed, 02 Nov 2011 19:46:00 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/?p=869 Here’s our newest flash-based Justin Bieber game….”Justin Bieber Dress Up Game”.

It’s our first stab at a game, so comments and suggestions are welcome. We hope to create more games if this one becomes popular.

No instructions, as it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just click and drag clothes to dress up your favorite superstar.

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Justin Bieber – Somebody To Love Remix | Official Video http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-somebody-to-love-remix.html http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-somebody-to-love-remix.html#comments Mon, 24 Oct 2011 18:57:39 +0000 http://justinbieber.info/justin-bieber-somebody-to-love-remix.html/feed 37