Here is a behind the scenes video created by 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas. They ask Justin Bieber a bunch of questions that the fans want to know.

John Moug asked Justin if he was single, and Ashley (an intern) asked him what he wears to bed! I guess anything goes in Las Vegas?

That said, it’s a pretty good interview for a typical radio type broadcast, and certainly entertaining. Overall, very well done.


12 Responses to Behind the Scenes With Justin Bieber

  1. alex ps #1 fan of jb says:

    can i ask you a question? i knoe its kinda personal but, do you really have a tattoo?

  2. courtney says:

    i completely agree about the horoscope thing it is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo!

  3. genesis says:

    haha I used to believe in horoscopes bt my dad gets mad when I read them cuz he says is black magic….?

  4. lyza says:


  5. lyza says:

    justin can i ask you a question? are you going to have a tour in the philippines?

  6. xotaylorxo1233 says:

    hey omg u are soo amazing love you!!!!!

  7. mariella says:

    espero quevoce consiga traduzir sou brasileira e amomuito voce meu sonho era poder conhecer vc massei que é quase impossivel…não possodizer meu nome verdadeiro minha mae não deixa por isso disse esse que é bem parecido
    kisses i love you

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