Well over the weekend Justin Bieber posted his phone number on twitter. The message was short and sweet. It said simply “everyone call me 248-xxx-xxxx or text :)”. Of course his 4.5 million followers were quick to grab their phones and call Justin Bieber. However it turns out that the number wasn’t his. It was actually a teenager named Kevin Kristopik.

You’re probably wondering why Justin Bieber would do something like this. Well it turns out that Kevin Kristopik hacked into Ryan’s (Justin Bieber’s best friend) twitter account. So in return Justin Bieber had his fans keep calling his phone for days and days. Revenge is sweet for Justin Bieber.

Here is a video of Kevin’s phone


63 Responses to Justin Bieber’s Phone Number

  1. mikayla singleterry says:

    I love ya jb!!!!!!

  2. amber says:

    This is so funny~~ I cant believe Justin actually did this! Great type of revenge though:)

  3. carme says:

    i didnt cacthc his number omg!!!!

  4. monica says:

    wow he didnt call justin bieber but it was funny

  5. shayauna says:

    why did justin put his phone number on tiwter

  6. tori sumner says:

    i love justin bieber!! haha i called it when i was at a birthday party. well revange is sweet(:

  7. taufeeqah latief says:

    Justin bieber i hpe u c ths im a big big big fan of u i luv al ur sngz nd u veri veri cute oulik sexc hottie mwah luv u jb

  8. sarah says:

    that was making me rofl so cool justin

  9. corie says:

    Hi justin i love all your songs and im a big big fan the thing is that i waz mad when i cldnt go to your concert bt it is good that u changed your number so u dont have no stalker and hope u have fun with singing

    ps you r my idol and u always will be love u JUSTIN BIEBER

  10. jasmine says:

    0omqq justin i love u soo much an i would love too have ur number

  11. shirania says:

    WHAt is justin bieber phone nmber

  12. mimiii moroccoo says:

    Hii Justin Bieberr I love your song So Mutch Because you are My Fievorite Artiste And My Littel Sister Her’s 3 years She’s Very Crazy She Creabe Because She Want Youu hhhhh You are Very Very Cooll

  13. carla says:

    hi justinbieber

  14. moji says:

    every gal luvs jb but he disgraced himself b4 is fans. wel i will advice u get a no 4 ur fans.

  15. crystal says:

    wow you make revenge fun :)

  16. moji says:

    disgraced as in, y shd u do a thin like dat? wel i used 2 like u but i don’t fink i till do.

  17. smatha says:

    ilove you so much you should come see my class room cypress that are school lllllooooovvvee you in california your so hhhoott

  18. karen cristina says:

    Justin I love you very much my dream is to go there one day in the United States for me to be a singer and I sing with you

  19. ariana says:

    i luv u justin im ur biggest fan and i think that ur so cute!!!

  20. tiikha says:

    justim beiber we love you
    i likke you ……..

  21. jasmine says:

    omg justin i love you and i will always love you unti you die or i die call me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love you from the bottom of my heart im a really big fan aaaaaaaaaaps cant belive i said thataaaa

  22. lasey says:


  23. smilie says:

    i love you justin bieber!!! you are so cute and very cool

  24. kerstin says:

    will you marrey me justin?

  25. amira says:

    wow crazy

  26. heaven says:

    i am justins number oe fa i have a scapbook of him a sceensaver of him 16 poster of him 13 t-shirts and much more

  27. crissie says:

    Hi I hope you could come to Delano some time because I dont think a superstar like you ever came to a place like Delano

  28. tiffany says:

    hey justin u are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. catherine says:

    Hi justin i think your so cute and i wud love to meet u.

  30. ashely says:

    i love u sooooooo muchh and i want to meet u

  31. jackeliny says:

    beautiful as always ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  32. angelica parker says:

    justin,where do you live so my phone bill is not a lot of money

  33. priya... says:

    hey hi justin this is priya from india
    i dont know if you can read this message or not but i just love your voice your voice is so magical i love it .

  34. hannah says:

    hey wat up, the sky i guess anyway i am a huge fan but we should hangout sometime k? by :) :) :) :)

  35. briana1221 says:

    I will come meet you for your next concert

  36. kasi says:

    that was awesome! I think u did the right thing he shouldnt have done that to you!!!! luv ya see u at ur next concert!!!!!!!!!!!! huge fan!!!!!!!!

  37. mrs.bieber!!! says:

    hey, justin you are so fit and i love your song eeny meenie i have 56 pictures of you on my wall

  38. brooke says:

    hi justin how are you…

  39. ashley says:

    justin bieber ur so hot and iwould really like to meet i live in san antonio i love u justin

  40. dhanica says:

    hi justin bieber i”m big fun of u cant get u phone number i love u justin bieber u are so cute and very cool

  41. dhanica says:

    hi justin bieber we love u !!!!!!!! hey justin u are soooooo cute !!!! i love u sooo much and iwant to meet u…..

  42. dhanica says:

    i like your song one time can i friend u

  43. sierra says:

    hey justin i love you so much and i no that ur not gonna write back but i just wonted to say i love you so much and i would love to meet you sometimes and that i cry for you everyday and everynite i hope you feel what im saying like everybody says that we will never meet but i dnt belive them because ur my heart and if you dnt get this i’ll still cry everday so please get this i really dont wont cry today and my names sierra im 14 yrs old and im pretty cool

  44. takia says says:

    jusinbieber if i can see you i will be happy and if i can just kiss you i will love you forever so please rock my world!!!!!!!!! I Love You!

  45. joi says says:

    you are my love!

  46. takia greshamsays says:

    jusin please be my knight and shiny armer I love you to the end of time

  47. venisha says:

    he is hot cute and smart ……perfect guy!!!

  48. venisha says:

    serfs that kevin guy rite!!!

  49. kimiya says:

    i love you with all my haert
    you like an angle with a beautiful smile on his face
    you are my first & last love
    love u 4ever

  50. mrs . bieber says:

    Omg , i lovvvvve Justin Bieber . he is amaazzing ! & Fyi , to all people that thinks hes gay , your just jealous . mhm ,

    • carley says:

      i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please marry me please please please i love u dump selena gomez. i don’t like her she gives me nightmares please help me don’t give nightmares please go 2 church Jesus loves u now and forever.

  51. rara bieber says:

    justin i luph u so much………..

  52. kendallllee says:

    you guys are stupid , im his only number one fan . BACK UP

    • carley says:

      u back off and by the way he will pick his #1 best fan and its probably not u becase u r mean so u back.and its probaly not me ether even tho i rilly want him 2 b but hes not sticking up 2 mean people so stop writing bad thing like calling pepole stupid and just so u now u arn’t perfect ether God is watching u.

  53. justinbieberlover says:


  54. natali says:

    i know that you look so cool.When you’ra singing a song.That why everybody recognizes you as the best singer.

  55. raven star says:

    Haha, Im not going to say that I love you because I have never met you but you are truly inspirational

  56. kaylee williams says:

    i love he is the best singer

  57. tahme says:

    Wat up

  58. zila d'fiveberz says:

    hy Justinn my beLieber for indonesiaaa
    i fanz youu Justin i LOVE U

  59. jasmine says:

    OMG!Justin bieber i’m at least 1 of ur bigest fans!

  60. carley says:

    i love u your so hot i love your singing ilove everything abuot u marry and can u come 2 my city meet me and my frind michaela she is a awesome and cool she loves u me and her fight over hows going 2 marry u so come 2 Sturgen Bay so we can kiss ones on the cheek.thank u carley.

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